Retirement Planning

“Because Life is More Than a Paycheck”


At Reed Financial Group, we believe that life is more than a paycheck. Our mission is to ease your worries and help you create a sound financial strategy that provides not only a steady paycheck for life, but a playcheck as well.

As part of The Reed Financial Group Process, we'll help you create a retirement income plan that balances:

  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Budgeting for Luxuries & Quality of Life
  • Planning your Social Security Benefits for Maximum Results
    Social Security can add $1M to your retirement fund*
  • Factoring in Pension Withdrawal Strategies
  • Factoring in both Expected & Unexpected Medical Expenses
  • Planning for the Unexpected and the Inevitable

How Much is Your Retirement Worth?

Many seniors underestimate the true value of their retirement. Once you factor in Social Security and Pensions, the numbers are usually quite a bit larger than most people suspect.

Consider the following:

  • Average Retirement Savings: $255,000
  • Average Home Value: $188,900
  • Average Social Security Benefit for a Married Couple: $1,024,848
  • Total Retirement Value: $1,468,748

Providing for a Tax-Free Retirement:

Did you know: up to 85% of your Social Security can be taxed?

The good news is that, as a senior, you now have the great advantage of being able to control just how much taxable income you have each year. Through forward tax planning, we can help you plan your retirement and help you choose the right strategies and vehicles for getting the most out of your Social Security, pension and investments.

We will help you take advantage of your unique situation to make the most out of your retirement. Imagine that, if the next time you had a stock market loss or business loss, you were able to convert that into a tax-free retirement saving? Our goal is help you maximize your retirement while minimizing your taxation using every rule in the book. As retirement specialists, we have the training and experience to do just that.

Planning For The Unexpected and The Inevitable:

Protecting your retirement, from things like unexpected health issues to sudden market volatility, is all a part of the <% =SiteName %> Process. It is our belief that, in order to have a safe and secure retirement, one needs to know that they are financially secure no matter what happens. At <% =SiteName %> we'll work with you to help you protect and ensure your retirement from the unexpected and the inevitable. We'll help to make sure that you have funds available in the event of an emergency, and that a sudden hospitalization won't cripple your retirement fund.

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teaches regularly scheduled classes for local seniors. These classes are designed to help seniors understand and take control of their financial future. It is 's belief that confidence and peace of mind can only be achieved when you know, without a shred of a doubt, that you've made the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

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