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Weekly Market Commentary - 7/27/18 2

Strong corporate earnings, a robust GDP report, and marginal de-escalation of U.S.-global trade negotiations translated to positive returns for global equity markets and higher U.S. interest rates last week. Also supportive to financial markets were de-escalating narratives surrounding U.S./European trade and NAFTA enabling materials, energy, and industrial stocks to breathe a sigh of relief. [...]

Market Commentary - June 16th, 2018

Macro and geopolitical anecdotes dominated market psyche last week netting marginal gains in U.S. equity markets, a strong USD, and a flattening yield curve. It was the highest profile week of the year for monetary policy with pivotal developments from the Fed, ECB, PBOC, and BoJ. Trade disputes and Fed policy drove commodity prices sharply lower and the U.S. dollar to its strongest week since 2016. [...]

Market Commentary - June 8th, 2018

U.S. equity markets registered gains across the board, pushing the NASDAQ and R2000 to new record highs. The only red ink in the U.S. equity market last week were utilities stocks which were pressured by a move higher in interest rates. Global trade 'negotiating' owned the headlines as POTUS continued his confrontational tone with most major trading partners including EU, Mexico, China, and Canada. Risk markets seem to be looking past posturing without much anxiety, believing things will ultimately be settled without any material 'trade wars' lifting off. U.S. interest rates moved approximately 4 bps higher, in a parallel fashion, while the USD and commodities weakened slightly. [...]

Market Commentary - June 1st, 2018

It was a push and pull holiday shortened week with a 'risk off push' provided by the political landscape in Italy and the drumbeat of multiple trade wars offset by a 'risk on pull' of a relatively encouraging U.S. economic backdrop. [...]

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